Eudunda Heritage Celebrates Wattle Day – September 1st

The Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery window displays are always fascinating to study. They endevour to have a new display each month.

This display is rather special as the Gallery has just repaired the wall (cracks) and then painted it. The floor has also had a new coat too, so the window area looks really fresh.

Newly elected Chairperson, Delilah Balmer has always had a great talent for window dressing, and has already added this display for Wattle Day.

If you get a chance, stop by and read the stories about Wattle Day and why this Australian Native Flower was so significant to us all and especially our Australian Soldiers serving overseas.

If you haven’t had a look in the Gallery for quite a while, Pop in! Open Friday, Saturday and Sundays every week.

PS – The Gallery is looking for Volunteers to help – check out this page

Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery Looking For Volunteers

You can help the iconic Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery as a volunteer, donate as much time as you can, it is up to you.

Its a great opportunity to learn more about this district, and get to meet some people, or if you are shy; volunteer to do the research and restoration side of the gallery. Use your skills to help the gallery, or learn to use new ones by having a challenge to do so.

April Committee Meeting

Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery Committee Meeting for April 2019 was ‘abuzz’ with lots of things happening at the moment.

A few of the items discussed:

  • Planning for another Antiques Valuation Day after the successful one in March. Although a date is still to be set, it is likely to be in May.
  • Guttering/Roof issues have been fixes.
  • The committee heard from Peter Herriman about the plans for Eudunda’s 150th and Colin Thiele’s 100th Celebrations, with the first meeting asking for people to join the Organising Committee due this Thursday.
    The Heritage Committee are already thinking about things they would like to be involved in for that week of Celebrations.
  • The committee also heard about the proposal to build two more walking trails in the district.
  • There should be a new Gustav newsletter out soon too, so keep your eyes open for that.

Congratulations Samuel Doering Our Young Citizen of the Year

The Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery
is proud to announce that
Samuel Doering,
our youngest committee member

has been awarded
Eudunda’s Young Citizen of the Year.

Being named  Young Citizen of the Year is a great honour, and well deserved for the work that you have done at the Gallery and all the things you have become involved in and achieved.

Samuel will officially be presented with the award at the Eudunda Gardens
for part of the Australia Day Celebrations. 26th Jan 2019.
As part of those celebrations there will be a free breakfast at 8am and the presentations start at 9am, The Organiser of the event hope to connect with
Samuel via the internet from London so we can hear from him.

Even while away studying in London, Samuel has been posting regularly on our Facebook pages with fantastic historic photos & information.

Well Done Samuel.

More details about the Australia Day Breakfast & Presentations here