Eudunda Heritage Umbrellas Window Display – August 2020

The Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery window displays are always fascinating to study. They endevour to have a new display each month.

EFHG Committee Member, Delilah Balmer has always had a great talent for window dressing, and this month is quite unique featuring a study of umbrellas and is quite colourful.

If you get a chance, stop by and check it out.

If you haven’t had a look in the Gallery for quite a while, Pop in! Open Friday, Saturday and Sundays every week.

PS – The Gallery is looking for Volunteers to help – check out this page

Revisiting Finding Sutherlands in the 1920’s

This award winning school project from the year 2000 by the Stanford sisters, Samantha and Elizabeth of Sutherlands has been around a bit, being hosted in a few different places, and here we are 20 years later finally placing it in the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery Collection.

When it was designed it used modern technology at the time, and had both text and graphics versions. Over time (about 2005) the web changed, browsers updated and at that time we could not get the graphic version to work well enough – so it was decided that it would be disabled.

The Text website is still a wonderful look int the 1920’s in Sutherlands, well worth a look.  Many thanks to Samantha and Elizabeth for thier work.

You should use the browser back button (backspace) to return to any previous page.

See the Sutherlands in the 1920’s here.

We Would Like Historic Stories and Photos Of This District

This present time of uncertainty, where seemingly everything is on pause, provides the opportunity to self-reflect.

Story-telling is just one way that we can continue to connect and learn during this time.

We would love to receive stories and photos from you for the purpose of featuring on our Facebook Page. The potential to create a treasure-trove of stories and personal histories is enormous.

What the photo or story pertains to is up to you. It could be a photo of old farm machinery, the story of a drought, flood or other historic event, or an image of a memento or piece of technology that is no longer in use. The list could go on.

There are only two constraints: the photo, story or memento should have a link to Eudunda or any of the outlying districts, and a sufficient explanation of what a photo, or memento is.

Send your photos and/or stories via Facebook Messenger
to Social Media Editor on the Web Form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use these channels of communication too.

Get creative, and we look forward to seeing what incredible stories come out of the woodwork!

#welovehistory #sharinghistory #historyisimportant

Anne’s Friends Excited To Find Old School Photos

Ex Eudunda school teacher from the 80’s, Anne Harrip and friends visited the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery in September. The visit was a fun trip down memory lane. especially when visiting the Gallery.

Anne’s friends were delighted to find photos of her in the Eudunda Area School photo collection of classes back in 1980.

The school display area is maintained by committee member and volunteer Fay Grosser, and she has built up a great collection over the years.

Photo caption:
Anne Harrip & Friends find a 1980 photo of her at Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery. L-R: Trish Gates, Anne Harrip, Diedre Bond, Enid Passehl
Taken by Peter Herriman