Stories of Eudunda Childhoods

NOTE: Although this project is finished the Eudunda Heritage Gallery and Web South would like to continue the collection of these stories. The Heritage Gallery has a folder with all the current stories in it to read. They are extremely interesting. Why not drop into the Gallery and view the stories now? If you know anyone you think should submit a story – please persuade them to do so, before it’s too late!

Here are some examples:

The seasons in my childhood were strong and clear: the cold wind and rain of winter, the crisp air of spring, the harsh clout of summer, the golden warmth of autumn, rich with picklings and bottlings. (Colin Thiele, “With Dew on my Boots”)

What stories do you have of your childhood in and around Eudunda?

Colin Thiele has written many stories drawn from his own childhood in the Eudunda district.

During June (2000), writer, Mary Hutchison, will be working with people in the Eudunda community to make a collection of their stories for Colin Thiele’s birthday in November.

We hope that this will inspire people to continue sharing and collecting their stories for a wider audience.

You can participate in Stories of Eudunda Childhoods in a variety of ways

  • Writing in whatever form you feel comfortable – jotting down memories as they come to you or writing a poem or story
  • Being part of a group story sharing and writing activity with Mary
  • Talking with Mary or someone else taking down stories for the project
  • Encouraging the contribution of stories and supporting its activities

Please enter your contribution in the scrapbook at the Library or bring it to Mary at the Eudunda Telecentre 25 Bruce Street.

From the age of ten or eleven it was my job to catch fowls and roosters and chop off their heads at the wood heap. (Colin Thiele, “With Dew on my Boots”)

Stories of Eudunda Childhoods is a project for all ages

  • What comes to mind when you think about growing up here?
  • What colours, sounds, smells, tastes, and views do you remember?
  • What were you favourite places?
  • What jobs did you have?
  • Is there an event that stands out?
  • What stories did your parents or grandparents tell of their childhoods?

What about the stories of the ghosts out there?

Stories of Eudunda Childhoods

A story and writing project with Mary Hutchison taking place in Eudunda during June 2000

Mary Hutchison is a freelance writer from Canberra.     She has written for theatre and radio and published several short stories. She has many years experience in working with communities to bring their stories to a wider audience.

NOTE: Although this project is finished the Eudunda Heritage Gallery and Web South would like to continue the collection of these stories.

If you or your group would like to be involved in Stories of Eudunda Childhoods please contact Peter Herriman at (08)8581 1189 or 0429 811 958

Stories of Eudunda Childhoods is a Eudunda Business and Tourism and Country Arts SA project. It is funded by the SA Department for the Arts

Bruno turned in his seat and looked back. The sun was rising over the eastern spurs and the morning light lay golden on the stubble. Far up the slopes towards the Range the patches of fallow stretched rich and brown, and the magpies were circling and carolling above the gums.     The air was crystal. (Colin Thiele, “The Sun on the Stubble”)