Gallery Partly Flooded During Freak Storm

Flooding in Main Street of Eudunda - 16th March 2022
Flooding in Main Street of Eudunda (photo is in front of Heritage Gallery)- 16th March 2022

This is part of the media release put out by the Regional Council of Goyder,

“A storm that passed through Eudunda last week lashed the area with up to 50mm in less than an hour. The storm caused minor flooding in the township and damaged numerous roads. While the clean-up will take some weeks it has highlighted that there is still further work required in Eudunda to help address the ageing and outdated stormwater infrastructure. This is the second event of a similar magnitude in the last 6 months and the fifth time in the last 10 years.”

Please access the full media release online here or the PDF version here

Carpet Tiles Drying out after March 16th 2022 flood
Carpet Tiles Drying out after March 16th 2022 flood

Fortunately there was no damage to any of the items in the gallery.

The Gallery is closed for a short time while floors dry out and repairs to some are done.


Gallery Closed Due to Heat – 27, 28, 29th Nov 2020

We are sorry to inform you that on the 27, 28, 29th Nov 2020
we will leave the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery CLOSED.

These days are forecast to be of extreme heat and fire danger,
and we do not wish to cause extra stress or burden on our fantastic volunteers.

We hope that you remain safe where-ever you are, and if you were hoping to come to the Gallery to do research, why not reach out to us on the contact page and arrange a time to visit.

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