Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery Looking For Volunteers

You can help the iconic Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery as a volunteer, donate as much time as you can, it is up to you.

Its a great opportunity to learn more about this district, and get to meet some people, or if you are shy; volunteer to do the research and restoration side of the gallery. Use your skills to help the gallery, or learn to use new ones by having a challenge to do so.

Friends of the Gallery Morning Tea 2019 – Well Attended

The Eudunda Town Hall came alive with history enthusiasts on Wednesday 6th Feb when the Friends of the Gallery Morning Tea for 2019 got underway.

Chairperson Peter Horne welcomed a good turnout of members as they celebrated the 20th year that the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery have been going.

Peter Horne, Peter Herriman cutting cake, Cr Debbie Hibbert
Peter Horne, Peter Herriman cutting cake, Cr Debbie Hibbert

A highlight was to have former residents Max and Jo Duldig and Harry from Adelaide, and Elaine Leditschke from the Barossa attended the morning tea. Eudunda Ward Councilor Debbie Hibbert was also present to support the event.

Eudunda’s Citizen of the year, Peter Herriman cut the cake, after a fair few attempts at lighting the candles (due to the air-conditioning)

Printed photos – some of the School Photos were on display, with notes encouraging everyone to put names to the faces. A slideshow of photos Peter Herriman had taken from 1999 to 2003 was shown in the background  (on the main stage screen), as people talked and reminisced.

Thanks to Roger Schubert for identifying the mystery item – a floor polisher attachment (which dispenses the actual polish) bought in by Jenny Herriman.

During the morning Hedley Scholz gave an update on events and Peter spoke about some of the milestone events coming next year, and how he hoped that some of the members here would be prepared to help in some way. The first task was to get a steering committee going. If you would like to help – please let the Heritage Gallery know.

In 2020 Eudunda will celebrate:

  • 150 years of European Settlement
  • 100th Birthday of Eudunda’s famous author Colin Thiele AC

So if all goes well, there will be a new chapter of history written about Eudunda, as we make it happen.

Here are some photos from the morning.

Friends of the Gallery – Morning Tea 2019

Friends of the Gallery – Morning Tea
Wed. 6th Feb 2019 at 10:30am
Eudunda Town Hall

You are asked to wear your name tags and also to bring your money for the annual $10 membership fee.

Consider becoming a ‘Gold’ Friends of the Gallery for $100
or the 3 year membership for $30.

For those who are not ‘Friends of the Gallery’ please come along and join
Its a great chance to chat with everyone!

Unearthing WWI History at Friends of the Gallery Birthday

Our special February meeting of the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery ‘Friends of the Gallery’ morning tea which celebrated the Galley’s Birthday each year was combined with The Probus Club of Eudunda & Districts this year.

Eudundas Citizen of the Year Pam Dutschke cutting the Heritage Gallery Birthday Cake Feb 2017
Eudundas Citizen of the Year Pam Dutschke cutting the Heritage Gallery Birthday Cake Feb 2017

Our guest speaker was Michael Wohltmann who is a retired school teacher, historian and author of his book “A Future Unlived” ‘A forgotten chapter in South Australia’s History’.

During research for his book he found that during World War I, there were 90 internment camps in Australia and Asia Pacific,  with two on Torrens Island in South Australia.

During the ‘Great War’ as it was called, some 6,890 people were interned with German/Austrian heritage, 4,500 being Australian residents. Michael says that many were classed as model citizens before the war. They were often interned because of some loyalty with their fore-fathers and some were still corresponding with distant relatives in Europe.

The Barossa Valley, Eudunda and Loxton were some towns with a predominately German heritage.

One precious piece of information, Michael unearthed relating directly to Eudunda was that a report in the Kapunda Herald, 12th Feb. 1915 tells of the ‘Citizens Forces’, conducting a blockade in Eudunda. At that time they were the reserve units of the Australian Army.

None of those attending the meeting had heard of this before, so it was very interesting. Another Chapter to the facinating Eudunda history.

Many German descendants joined the services to fight for Australia and its allies. This is evident locally with many names recognized on the local Honour Rolls.

Michael Wohltmann, Delilah Balmer, Fay Grosser , Michael Bateman
Michael Wohltmann, Delilah Balmer, Fay Grosser , Michael Bateman

We thank Michael Wohltmann for his very interesting talk.

More information and purchases of Michael’ book can be found at

You can find another report with more detail on the Eudunda Portal
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