Revisiting Finding Sutherlands in the 1920’s

Sutherlands in the 1920s website

This award winning school project from the year 2000 by the Stanford sisters, Samantha and Elizabeth of Sutherlands has been around a bit, being hosted in a few different places, and here we are 20 years later finally placing it in the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery Collection.

When it was designed it used modern technology at the time, and had both text and graphics versions. Over time (about 2005) the web changed, browsers updated and at that time we could not get the graphic version to work well enough – so it was decided that it would be disabled.

The Text website is still a wonderful look int the 1920’s in Sutherlands, well worth a look.  Many thanks to Samantha and Elizabeth for thier work.

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See the Sutherlands in the 1920’s here.