Gustav & his Dog

The Heritage Gallery Members have been very active in promoting our Local Author and Poet, Colin Thiele. They have helped to erect walls and silhouettes at the three entrances to the township of Eudunda.

The district felt that these characters epitomized the hardy people who first came to this district and have erected a silhouette at each of the three entrances to the township.

Why not come with your family and visit and then have a picnic in the park?

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(L) Above is the Gustav and his dog “on the hill” coming from Kapunda.
(R) Looking toward Kapunda.

(L) Morgan Entrance (R) Map showing location of Heritage Gallery from Morgan Entrance.

Point Pass Entrance

Around each display school students have planted blue/grey plants to emphasize the hardy type of plants and surrounds that Gustav had survived in.
The people of the district have been encouraged to plant similar plants in their own property.

Jim & Digby building Gustav Wall.jpg
The two fellows who did the “Hard Yakka” in putting the entrances in were
Local Artist Jim Dunstan (Right) and his friend Digby Addison (Left).
Thanks Guys for a job Well Done!