Lots of New Articles on Social Media

Neales Flat CFS team photo unknown year

Young Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery Member, Samuel Doering has been using technology to continue supporting his community, with local help.

Samuel is currently in England studying at University there, and in between time has been posting great articles on the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery on Facebook.

The articles are about historic events around the area. You are encouraged to read them for yourself.

The amount of information has been breathtaking. Articles about the history of the Eudunda Club, Town Pictures, Masonic Lodge, German Ancestry, Religion (Churches), Croquet Club, Racing Club, Lawn Bowls, Rifle Club, Rabbit Cannery, Cricket, Football etc.

People have been able to comment and share the information and we encourage you to do so too.

Caution: You need a Facebook account to get the best experience
(you can still read the information without, just not as easily)

Above photo is of the Neales Flat CFS members – unknown year.