Gallery Opening Hours have changed

Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery - Front Window display - Wattle Day

G’day everyone.

The Gallery is short on volunteers at the moment, with several valuable volunteers having to retire due to health.

As a result have had to change how our rosters work. It has also meant a change in the opening hours for the gallery.

The new times are:
Friday: 11am-3pm
Saturday: 11am-3pm
Sunday:  11am-3pm

Please note that if you have a bus load of people wishing to see the gallery outside of those time, please contact us as early as possible so we can arrange someone to open the Gallery specially for your group.

And thanks to the great work Delilah does with the window displays, you can enjoy a small part of the gallery even when we are closed.

You will be rostered on with an experienced Committee Member
and can boost your confidence and experience over time.
You will get to meet some wonderful people,
both in the Gallery and those Visiting,
and get to experience as much history and stories
as you do your Volunteering at the Gallery,
Give Peter a Call on 0429 811 958
or go through the Contact form on the website.