John Declares Valuation Day A Success

Heritage Roadshow finds valuable vase

On Saturday 7th September 2019 The Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery hosted it’s final Antique and old wares valuation and information day for the year at the Gallery with antique expert Mr. John Foumakis.

Many people took advantage of John’s generous offer to value thier treasures, at the Heritage Gallery and it was a most interesting morning, listening to the interpretation of some of the items bought in. There was, after all a fascinating story behind every artifact.

To add to the interest of the morning, John had bought along some friends who were also able to add much character and charm to the whole event, with thier own expertise in various types of items bought in.

This was the case when a unique vase was presented as one of the last items of the day, and Ken Raymond felt the vase was a very nice specimen worthy of extra investigation. Soon enough John & Ken were thrilled to tell the current owner that the vase was by a significant artist and could be of interest to people collecting the artists work. The owner told an interesting story of how this vase had been acquired.

Photo caption:
Antique experts Mr. John Foumakis and  Ken Raymond spent time researching the authenticity of this vase and found it is by a significant artist and felt it had great artistic value.