Donating Money to the Gallery

Donating Money to the Gallery

Doing more with your support

The Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery is a not-for-profit organisation that serves the community by preserving the physical records of the town of Eudunda and surrounding districts, from as far as Bower to Hansborough, and Frankton to Robertstown. As well as this, we make our records publically available to researchers and visitors and maintain considerable exhibition space to give a voice to our local stories.

The Gallery and its collection require constant upkeep and maintenance, which places a financial burden on the Gallery Management Committee. We make it our aim to raise as much money as is practicable through visitor fees, book and merchandise sales, and our trading table, to ensure we can continue to keep the Gallery open to the public, yet sometimes this is not enough.

Some of our goals are large in scale, and will take a significant amount of time to prepare for and achieve. Some of our goals include:

  • Restoring salt damp damage in the 1880s Gosling Cottage.
  • Installing an archivally safe protective cabinet to exhibit historic wedding dresses.
  • Acquiring professional digitisation and oral history recording technology.

With limited income, our goals take longer to realise. So, we are asking for your help to make our goals realisable.

With your financial support, we can work towards our goals, as well as continue to upgrade the Gallery space, improve our management and preservation of our unique historic collection and ensure that the public can freely access our records so that Eudunda’s exciting history is shared for years to come.

We are grateful for any amount of financial support we receive.


If you are interested in financially supporting us and have any questions, please get into contact with our Secretary or Chairman on our Contact page. 
Alternatively, if you would like to support us in other ways, whether by volunteering, donating an artefact, or becoming a Friend of the Gallery, please go to our page, Support the Gallery.