Pioneers of the Sutherlands Area


From the back page of the book:

This book endeavours to tell of the joys, sorrows and challenges when the pioneers of the Sutherlands area left thier families and friends, because of religious persecution in Germany and sailed over 26,000 kilometers of oceans, to continue thier faith unhindered in South Australia between 1838 to the 1870s.

These pioneers who lived outside Goyder’s line, experienced hardships, droughts, blinding dust storms, depressions, floods and isolation.

They often had littel water, no electricity or vehicles.
Yet with hard work, determination and with the help of God, they survived with the help of sometimes distant neighbours, who were experiencing the same hardships.

They built houses, churches and schools and appreciated whatever opportunities the had to socialise.

The life they lived make us appreciate what we often take for granted. At the age of 87, I saw a need to record whatever information I could gather about the pioneers of Sutherlands in one publication.

Author: Hedley Scholz

Format: Hardback | 48 pages

Language: English

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